Aerial Views Of Western Australia


A sunswept land of contrasts, Western Australia is a delight to view from the air. With many harsh and beautiful landscapes to behold, an aerial view not only accentuates the contrasting colours and textures, it gives perspective to the wide open landscape with beaches for miles.

Western Australian coast aerial

Getting up high also allows for the golden sunset light to shine it’s best, giving much texture and feeling to the trees and landscape below.

This collection of stock photos and footage of aerial views of Western Australia includes a wide range of landscape as seen from above, from the ocean and beaches to dried up salt lakes, from forests and shrubland to wide farming expanses.

Beach shore aerial
Driving by salt lake aerial

Whether it’s simple and beautiful views and landscapes, feeling the freedom of the open road, or the contrasting colours and textures, this collection of visuals has a wide ranging for you to choose from.

Driving by beach aerial

So get off the ground, take a trip in the air and come and explore this beautiful gallery of Western Australia as seen from the air.