Perth Aerial Footage


Beautifully framed between the Darling Ranges and the Indian Ocean, Perth sprawls across the coastal landscape as one of Australia’s most beautiful cities. Casual and unassuming Perth often feels like it hasn’t decided whether it is a small surfing town or a bustling urban centre. 

With some of Australia’s most beautiful suburban beaches, Perth’s sunlit and relaxed culture shines through. Rising above the normal view, our aerial stock footage shows the beauty of the Perth coastline under the golden sunlight or morning and night.

A city on the water, be it the ocean waves or by the Swan River, the Perth lifestyle is perfectly captured from the air. Coupled with beautiful sunlight in the early morning or evening, or the daytime sun to bring out the natural turquoise and blues, the tree-lined streets and green escapes, the city’s colours and tones come alive in our Perth stock footage.

Come and browse our vast collection of footage of Perth from the air, with views from the city skyline to the sandy beaches, and find the perfect shots capturing this city for your next project.