Perth, Western Australia


Where the Swan River meets the beautiful West Australian coast, Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world, but also one of the most beautiful. It’s pristine sandy beaches, parks and rivers make up the beautiful natural canvas that this city is painted on.

Perth City Skyline at dusk

Whether it is the iconic Cottesloe Beach, City Beach, Coogee Beach or any of Perth’s many other beautiful sandy suburban beaches spread along the coastline, the sun, sand and surf a key elements in the outdoor lifestyle enjoyed by many in this city.

Cottesloe Beach sunrise
Mullaloo Beach

In the summer months many hours or rest and recreation are spent enjoying the vast ocean and river waters, with the water providing enjoyment and relaxation for many fishing, surfing, swimming and much more.

Our collection of Perth stock photos and stock footage covers a wide range, from the iconic views to more subtle landscapes capturing suburban Perth with hints of the CBD skyline to polish them off. With aerial views of the city and surrounding landscape and many perspectives from the ground, there is plenty of variety to help you find the perfect shot.

Perth Suburban Sunrise

With a particular fascination of the golden sunrises and sunsets that Perth offers, the light shapes the landscape in many bright and beautiful ways.

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