Renewable Energy In Australia


In a country with wide open plains, plenty of sunshine and windy coastlines, Australia is prime for reliance on renewable energy. With over 20% of Australia’s energy generated from renewable sources, with an ever increasing number of wind farms and solar farms, they are great signs of our decreasing reliance on fossil fuels to power this country.

Coastal wind farm at sunset

Not only great for the environment, clean energy technologies such as wind and solar power can make for beautiful additions to Australian landscapes and this collection of sustainable energy stock photos and footage is testament to that.

While Western Australia is known for its deep blue – almost unbelievable – skies, you also can’t go past the addition to the landscape that some light clouds spattered across the sky can make, and not just for the unforgettable sunsets.

Wind farm in the evening sunlight

As these green energy technologies continue to grow and paint the beautiful Australian landscapes, have a look at our collection of renewable energy stock photography and footage available exclusively through Stocksy United.