The Hope Motif

We are all created with inherent value and beauty, with seeds of hope planted within. The disadvantaged and vulnerable are often overlooked for the value of their lives and the beauty that they possess. Their hope and future is often suppressed or ignored. The Hope Motif seeks to capture and share their beauty and value. Coming alongside individuals and communities that may not recognize their own beauty and value, and which society often overlooks, to be a vehicle to share their hope and stories with the broader society.

Using photography, short filmmaking and other art forms as tools to capture and share their stories, The Hope Motif is a celebration of people and life. By capturing and sharing their lives and stories in images shaped by the hope that is instilled in their lives, The Hope Motif seeks to promote the dignity and well-being of disadvantaged and vulnerable people through visual arts.

Where some see ashes, The Hope Motif sees a crown.