Aerial Photos of Perth

Rich in colour and light, Perth’s landscapes are beautiful examples of Australia’s natural beauty. Stretching along the picturesque Swan River, aerial views of Perth are accentuated by the clear skies and plentiful sunshine. With an ever-growing collection of aerial landscape photos of this beautiful city and it’s colourful natural canvas, you can find classic and …

Perth Aerial Footage

Beautifully framed between the Darling Ranges and the Indian Ocean, Perth sprawls across the coastal landscape as one of Australia’s most beautiful cities. Casual and unassuming Perth often feels like it hasn’t decided whether it is a small surfing town or a bustling urban centre.  With some of Australia’s most beautiful suburban beaches, Perth’s sunlit …

Perth, Western Australia

Where the Swan River meets the beautiful West Australian coast, Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world, but also one of the most beautiful. It’s pristine sandy beaches, parks and rivers make up the beautiful natural canvas that this city is painted on. Whether it is the iconic Cottesloe Beach, City …

Aerial Views Of Western Australia

A sunswept land of contrasts, Western Australia is a delight to view from the air. With many harsh and beautiful landscapes to behold, an aerial view not only accentuates the contrasting colours and textures, it gives perspective to the wide open landscape with beaches for miles. Getting up high also allows for the golden sunset …

Australian Farming & Agriculture

A nation built riding on the sheep’s back, farming and agriculture continue to be one of the biggest industries in Australia. From the traditional and still popular farming of sheep and wheat, to more diverse cropping (barley, canola, etc) and livestock (beef, dairy, poultry, etc) this agricultural industry is still a major contributor to the …

Renewable Energy In Australia

In a country with wide open plains, plenty of sunshine and windy coastlines, Australia is prime for reliance on renewable energy. With over 20% of Australia’s energy generated from renewable sources, with an ever increasing number of wind farms and solar farms, they are great signs of our decreasing reliance on fossil fuels to power …

Minimal Australian Landscapes

Famous for it’s wide open landscapes, long sandy beaches and vast scenery, the expanses of Australia are well captured and documented. Pulling away or in, much of the landscape can be seen in new eyes through minimal photography. Focusing on aspects of the landscape, these images draw you into the colours, textures and contrasts that …

Western Australian Road Trips

Across the dusty plains, white sandy beaches and turquoise oceans, jump in a car and join us on a road trip to explore beautiful Western Australia. Under the big blue skies, whether the roads are paved or dust, they will take you to many a special place. Not only are the roads the connections between …

Hold Fast

Stand still,firm, hold fast.The turmoil bears down,it’s here,has it always been?The winds that swirl a mere tickle,drawn and quartered a familiar ache,yet what rages in has no face.No name but forever pounding,no shadow for it is not there,no scent left to linger.There is no escape,find the rock,hold fast.