Fleeting Harmony of Truth

Through wide expanse and failing light,the deep shadows warm the coming night.With no horizon in sight to dream,the passing waves bring no comfort or peace.To stop is to drown,no air to lift in flight. The night may pass, the darkness a comfort no more.A story can only be told in light fractured,one short moment that rings,resounds.The fleeting …

Stalking Future’s Shadows

Future’s shadows stalking.Frozen. Stalled. Impotent.Spectre’s wafting through,breaking tunnel’s light.Billowing from above.Below. Behind.No feet sighted,night’s comfort drowning.Breathing.Stalking future’s shadows.


All the loss condensed in a single drop, the pain built up released in a gentle trickle. One by one the brokenness escapes, watering the soil to ready the new growth.

Echoes of Truth

The world around is a reflection of self,full of smiles, laughs, tears and screams.As self is reflected, the fake is filtered from the truth. What truth one grasps is that which reflects back,the fake filtered out by eyes that see.The only truth that is left to hold,is the pain of a heart broken in three.

Void The Mask

As the world around appears still,Ones self firmly anchored in space.Those loose fragments testify to the true state,Dancing with the chaos that envelops. To let the loose fragments grow freely,to not keep them tied close to self,is to let they who pass by see what is true,to void the mask of it’s power.

This Moment

Wafting across the valley,patches of earth’s skin escaping through.The fog choosing what is seen,what is hidden.Forever changing it’s mind,showing something new, hiding something old. The master stroking his brush across the skin,Painting a picture for this moment, painting a new one for the next. Beauty effused by a veil worn loosely,flowing with the breath of …

The First Sigh Within

Blocking out the swirling howl,that moment of peace in solace.Bringing comfort from the world around,but can’t escape the whirl within.Yet in the moment the padding envelops,retracting me from the surrounding howl,bringing the first moment of peace long yearned,the first sigh within that brings relief.

Set It Free

Removing the walls, if but for a moment. Letting go of the ropes we think are making us strong. Releasing our heart to feel that which we hide deep inside. Letting that tear escape, setting it free. 

Floating Precipice

Journeying to the edge of a floating precipice. Losing oneself to the infinite embrace of the open horizon.Searching. Seeking. Escaping.Longing to be able to release those three words.All is well. Stepping into visions of emptiness.Allowing the vast nothingness to envelop.Floating. Falling. Escaping.Longing to be able to release those three words.All is well.