Australian Farming & Agriculture


A nation built riding on the sheep’s back, farming and agriculture continue to be one of the biggest industries in Australia. From the traditional and still popular farming of sheep and wheat, to more diverse cropping (barley, canola, etc) and livestock (beef, dairy, poultry, etc) this agricultural industry is still a major contributor to the national economy and identity.

Cute Lamb Stock Photo

Wide landscapes quickly turn from lush green crops in the early spring, to dry golden paddocks as summer nears. From the golden canola bloom in spring to the dry and dusty paddocks after harvest waiting for the winter rains to replenish the soil, the tones of the landscape vary even more greatly with the farmland and cropped paddocks.

Our collection of Australian farming stock photography and footage covers a wide variety of Western Australian farming details and landscapes. From seeding and spraying crops in winter, to harvest in late spring and summer. From cute newborn lambs to cattle, chickens and horses. Wide open aerial landscapes to closeup details of crops, milking a cow to swathing a canola crop, wheat and barley to grapevines and vineyards.

Header Harvest Crop Stock Photo

With many sunsets and landscapes washing with golden light, we have many classic and new perspectives on farms from the air in a drone to the ground up close and personal.

If you are looking for videos and photos of farms in Australia, have a look at our collection of farming and agriculture stock photography and footage available exclusively through Stocksy United.